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Liberal Chattering Class Unhinged

November 19, 2004
David Limbaugh
The liberal chattering class has literally gone off its collective rocker. Little negative has occurred since the election -- cabinet shakeups are routine and traditional, and our guys routed the bad guys in Fallujah -- but the way the Left is carrying on you'd think President Bush had issued a string of corrupt pardons, or something.

I wouldn't think Democrat angst could get much worse. Democrats have acted
like victims of robbery the last four years, but now they're acting like women scorned, rejected by a dueling banjo-wielding electorate. I guess I suspected they'd take their losses badly, but I didn't realize they'd unshackle all gentlemanly restraints on their septic bitterness.

During the campaign they conjured up all these imaginary misdeeds that President Bush and Vice President Cheney had engaged in, from their fantasies that they lied about Iraqi WMD to the distribution of favors to Halliburton to augment VP Cheney's blind-trusted pocketbook. Each of their fraudulent claims was too preposterous to be taken seriously by any but the gullible class, many of whom were taken in by sheer repetition.

You would think that they would have run out of ammunition by now. Don't
they ever take a breath? How about just faking cordiality for some minimal
honeymoon period? In their unyielding malice and hatred have we finally
discovered a perpetual motion machine?

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