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Reflections of the protests in New York City

After glimpsing at news coverage from C-SPAN, CNN and Fox News for about an hour, I really do wonder, what this protest is about?

I see rainbow flags touting "Let us Marry ♀♀," "Stop the Draft" banners being flown by A.N.S.W.E.R. supporters, MTV generation youth donning "Buck Fush" t-shirts, pink "peace" signs fashioned in the shape of a gun. The media could not successfully bleep out the word "Fuck" without muting the entire demonstration...and the loudest and most prominent thing that could be heard being chanted by the protesters?

"Fox News Sucks! Fox News Sucks!"

* Pro Gay-marriage
* Anti-Draft (a dead issue, and I do not understand why it even exists)
* Pro-Minority rights
* Pro-Communism
* Pro-Environment (blaming businesses for our pollution, when our 270,000,000 citizens are responsible for the majority of pollution)
* Anti-Business
* Anti-War
* Anti-Fox News (why is this an issue?)

I would have to say that this protest demonstrates one thing; that the Democratic Party is more divided and just as confused as ever.
In their attempt to reach out and appeal to a more diverse and wider based voting population - the gay community, minorities, lower-middle class US citizens, anti-War efforts, socialism - the Democratic party is quite literally having their platform fall apart underneath them.

Democrats cheered after electing President Clinton into power in 1992, and rightfully so. He served as a balanced and effective president. Yet defenders of President Clinton say that his inability to be more partisan and representative of the Democratic Party was a result of Congress being under Republican control.

With each congressional election, the Republican Party found itself gaining more footholds during the Clinton Administration. The very people who had voted Clinton into office were now beginning to replace their Democratic legislators – who had campaigned on the very issues we see being protested in New York City today. Democratic legislators were unable to successfully gain the majority support over such a broad number of issues that by themselves are barely recognized.

Ten years after Clinton took office, the upset moderate majority voters of the United States had a much different opinion of who should lead our country and represent our people the best. They sided with Republicans - who have remained generally united in their cause, and as a result, more effective.

Today we more visibly see the sole plank of this Democratic Party Platform that holds it together; the “Anybody but Bush” campaign. Thousands of protesters, though different in their issue-based backgrounds, unite under this slogan.

CNN interviews RNC protesters, asking them who they support in this election.
”I’m for Senator Kerry by default. He is who I can vote for to get Bush out of office,” one demonstrator exclaims.

Concentrating so much anger and frustration and focusing it towards the opposition might very well win the Democrats this election, but it will not provide any reasonable solutions for the issues that are at hand.

On a side note:

The flame of unrealistic goals and expectations has been fanned too high, to the point where no administration can have any hopes of keeping it under control. While this fire grows out of control, elected officials get burned by the false premise of what they are really capable of, their Constitutional rights and duties.

I don't blame campaigns for allowing the subject to get off of Issues and on to trivial nonsense such as war records. It distracts the public long enough to keep the candidates from having to commit themselves to making false promises to overcome impossible goals.
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